CopyStorm/Medic 8.46.1

Release Date: 18-Jun-2019

This is a  major feature, API upgrade, and bug fix release. As always, existing CopyStorm/Medic configuration files are backwards compatible.

Patch Levels

18-Jun-2019 Original Release
01-Jul-01 Fix Keypass startup issue when Keypass information is present but invalid.
09-Jul-01 Fix problem with -sfhost command line parameter.
16-Jul-01 Fix race condition for DateTime columns in the RefreshFormulas tool.

Upgrade to Summer’19 API

Salesforce’s Summer’19 API went GA last weekend and CopyStorm supports it with this release.

Add Email Notification

CopyStorm/Medic will email to a distribution list on success, failure, or both conditions. Like the similar notification subsystem in CopyStorm, a notification contains the job parameters and a copy of the job log file.

Add Export Feature for Applicable Tools

All CopyStorm/Medic tools which report their results in a table will export their results to a CSV file on demand.

The Permission Checker and Count Records Tools Run as Batch Jobs

Both the Permission Checker and Count Records tool may be run as batch jobs.

Normalize CopyStorm/Medic Exit Status Codes

In batch mode all CopyStorm/Medic tools will return 0 on success and 1 when errors are encountered as the process exit code.

Log CopyStorm/Medic Activity to the CopyStorm Database

The internal CopyStorm log tables have been enhanced to also log CopyStorm/Medic jobs. Access to CopyStorm/Medic jobs information is via the same History tab used by CopyStorm.

Add a New Rarely Used Menu Bar Item

On occasion there is need to release a CopyStorm/Medic tool that has limited use but is key to a problem a customer is encountering. For example, when a Summer’19 error caused a new data type, “json”, to bleed thru to older API versions, multiple customers needed a tool to find all tables where the “json” type was used. This tool was added to the “Rarely Used” menu.  Over the next few releases several top level “tab based” CopyStorm/Medic tools will be moved to the “Rarely Used” menu bar because….they are rarely used.