CopyStorm/Medic 7.37.9

Release: 03-Dec-2016

This is a bug fix and feature release

Fix a Bug with Refresh Columns

When the “Manage Stale Formulas Automatically” option was selected in the previous release, the system would “uncheck” all formula columns after each run.

Update Graphics Components to Adapt to 4K Displays

A number of the graphics components were displaying too small on 4K monitors.  Graphics components now adjust to 4K and larger displays.

Add a Date Range Option to the Fix Is Deleted Tool

The FixIsDeleted tool now supports a date range so a subset of the records in a table can be checked. Relative ranges like “Last 3 Days”, “Last 1 Month”, etc. are supported to aid in automation.

Remove the “Invert” Option from the Refresh Columns Table Selector

Inverting the table selection would cause a column selection dialog to appear for each newly selected table. The invert table selection option has been removed from this tool.