CopyStorm/Medic 7.37.8

Release: 23-Sep-2016

This is a bug fix and feature release

Upgrade the RefreshColumns Tool To Automatically Manage Formulas

In this release, the Refresh Columns tool can be told to automatically identify and refrresh formula columns whose definition has change in Salesforce.  When the new Manager Stale Formulas Automatically option is checked, CopyStorm/Medic will:

  • Automatically identify formula columns whose definiition has changed since the last column refresh.
  • Add the out of date columns to the set of columns to be refreshed.

In practice this means that there is no longer any reason to know when formula column definitions change — CopyStorm/Medic can manage the changes for you.

Note that this feature works only with CopyStorm 7.37.10 and later versions becuase it depends meta data table changes made starting in 7.34.10.

Add a UI to FixIsDeleted that Quickly Adds Common Tables

There are a handful of tables where Salesforce does “hard-deletes.” This release adds a UI component to quickly add these tables to the selection (without referring to the CopyStorm/Medic documentation).

Always Encrypt Passwords in Configuration Files

In this release, CopyStorm/Medic always encrypts passwords — even when a configuration file is saved in XML format. The application is backward compatible with existing configuration files.