CopyStorm/Medic 7.37.11

Release: 8-Jun-2017

This is a minor bug fix and feature release

Extend Logging Information

A few CopyStorm/Medic tools either did not display logging information or displayed too little logging information when run in batch mode.  Based on customer feedback, additional logging data has been added to each tool and the parameters in effect when a tool is run is also recorded in the log.

Increase the Speed of Salesforce Access in all Tools

This feature is the result of a parser optimization in the core Salesforce SOAP libraries. If particular, the FixIsDeleted tool is often twice as fast.

Upgrade Refresh Columns to Work on Multiple Tables Concurrently

The Refresh Columns tool now will work on up to 10 tables at the same time.

Do Not Load User Preferences in Batch Mode

When CopyStorm/Medic is run in its GUI mode a user preference file is used to recall the previous state of the tool. In batch mode, the preferences file is no longer loaded.  This change was made because CopyStorm/Medic is sometimes ran in batch mode with a read-only home directory and when this is a cause a informational message about problems with the user preference file is reported. However, the values in the user preference file are unnecssary in batch mode.