CopyStorm/Medic 7.34.7

Release: Mar 25, 2016

This is a bug fix release.

Add Support for Passing Encrypted Credentials on the Command Line

Two new command line flags, -sfcrentials and -dbcredentials, support specifying fully encrypted credentials on the command line. This feature is used by CopyStorm/Director to mask credentials passed to generated jobs.

Add a -new Command Line Switch

The -new command line switch tells CopyStorm/Medic to ignore the previously used configuration file. By default, CopyStorm/Medic loads the previously used configuration file on startup. This switch is useful for application that start CopyStorm/Medic programattically.

Support Import of Credentials from an Existing Capstorm Configuration File

The File/Import Credentials feature supports loading credentials into CopyStorm from an existing CopyStorm, CopyStorm/Medic, or CopyStorm/Restore configuration file.

Fix a Resize Error in the Exception Viewer

When there were 100s of exceptions, the Exception Viewer often did not handle window resizing events properly.

Add Apache log4j to the Distribution

Adding this package supports regular and controllable log file formats.

Fix a Bug When CopyStorm has a Table and Salesforce Does Not!

In previous versions, an exception would occur if a table was selected for processing and it existed in the CopyStorm database but not in Salesforce.