CopyStorm/Medic 7.34.5

January 14, 2016

This is a feature release.

Upgraded Fix Is Deleted Tool to Fix Tables without an IsDeleted Field

Salesforce tables that have an IsDeleted field participate in Salesforce’s recyle bin. In previous releases the FixIsDeleted tool wold only detect hard deletes from tables that have an IsDeleted field. In this release the tool will also detect deleted records in table with the IsDeleted field and delete them in the corresponding CopyStorm database.

Automatically Install a MySQL Driver (if necessary)

In previous versions, CopyStorm/Medic users had to install a MySQL JDBC driver from Oracle because Capstorm does not have redistribution rights for the driver. In this version:

  • The open source Mariadb MySQL JDBC driver is included. In most cases (probably all) this driver is suitable for working Mariadb or MySQL. Mariadb is a MySQL clone created by the original authors of MySQL.
  • If no MySQL driver is found the application will automatically download and install a current version.