CopyStorm/Restore 10.52.4

Release Date: 17-Jan-2022

This is a  minor feature, bug fix, and Salesforce API version upgrade release. As always, existing CopyStorm/Restore configuration files are backwards compatible.

Patch Levels

17-Jan-2022 Original Release

Add Support for CS:Govern in Point-In-Time Restore

This update brings full CS:Govern support into CopyStorm/Restore’s Archive and Point-In-Time Recovery system, giving compliance organizations full control over the compliance posture of point-in-time recovery datasets.

Add Support for Pluggable JDBC Authentication

This update allows CopyStorm/Restore to be customized by adding customer-specific database password management. To use CopyStorm/Restore’s pluggable JDBC Authentication feature, please see this article.

Fix Oracle Query Issue

This update resolves an Oracle-specific issue that could cause candidate scans to not identify all records matching the Restore Set Editor criteria.