CopyStorm/Restore Overview

CopyStorm/Restore restores all or part of a Salesforce instance using a backup created by CopyStorm.

This article outlines the complete process used to populate a Salesforce sandbox with production Salesforce data:

  1. Create a backup of your production Salesforce instance using CopyStorm (or use an existing backup).
  2. Open the CopyStorm/Restore application.
  3. Enter Salesforce credentials for the instance to be restored.
  4. Enter database credentials for the CopyStorm backup database.
  5. Select the data that will be restored to the Salesforce instance.
  6. Run the restore.
  7. Save the CopyStorm/Restore configuration so you can reuse it later.
  8. Use the restored Salesforce instance.

The most complicated part of this process is step #5 — selecting the data to be restored. However, this step is only as complex as your selection criteria. Examples of simple selection criteria that can be chosen with only a few button clicks include:

  • Restore 1000 random Accounts along with any related Opportunities, Cases, and Contacts.
  • Restore these specific Contacts along with any related Accounts and records from the custom table ABC__c.
  • Restore the 500 largest Opportunities from the past 6 months along with any related Accounts and Contacts.

The following short video illustrates the entire CopyStorm/Restore process:

For examples of other types of CopyStorm/Restore scenarios, see the Common Tasks section.