Tracker Database Tab

The CopyStorm/Restore Tracker database contains information about records that can or will be restored. The following screenshot was taken after a restore operation was partially completed:

Record Selector

Field Description
Table Filters displayed records by table name. Only tables which are part of the restore set are listed.
Show Filters displayed records by restore status. Options include:

  • All — show all records.
  • Inserted — show records that were inserted into Salesforce.
  • Updated — show records that were updated in Salesforce.
  • Skipped — show records that were skipped by CopyStorm. Clicking on the status value will display a popup with the skipped reason.
  • Pending — show records waiting to be inserted or updated in Salesforce.
Filter Lists all columns which support filtering by text.
Contains Lists options for interpreting the text following this pulldown. Options include:

  • Contains — show any record containing the filter string.
  • Equals — show any record matching the filter string exactly (case insensitive).
  • StartsWith — show any records starting with the string.
Apply Causes the current filter to be applied to the data.
Advanced Filter visible records using a Record Filter.

Example: Show only Accounts containing the string “Cardinals”

Record Status

The middle part of the dialog shows the status of each record and the corresponding data from the CopyStorm backup.

The first three columns contain tracking data for each record, the remaining columns contain record data from the CopyStorm backup. The “Name” column always appears first, other columns appear in alphabetical order.

Column Name Description
Original Id The unique Salesforce Id for the record in the CopyStorm backup.
Restored Id The Salesforce Id the record was restored to in Salesforce. If the record was restored via an update, the value will be the same as the Original Id. Otherwise the value will be different.
Status The restoration status of this record. Values include:

  • Inserted — this record has been added to Salesforce as a new record.
  • Updated — this record has been added to Salesforce by updating an existing record.
  • Skipped — this record was not restored to Salesforce. Click on the status to view the underlying reason.
  • Pending — this record is waiting to be restored.

Other Resources

The Tracker Database can be queried directly using tools like SQuirreL, or any other H2 database browser.

Database schema documentation can be found here.