How Do I Restore a Custom Setting?

Restoring a Salesforce custom setting is a simple process once you understand:

  • Each custom setting is kept in a Salesforce SObject where the sobject has a extra flag indicating that it is a Custom Setting.

A custom setting restore is a two step process.

Step 1: Restore the Custom Setting SObject

The first step is to restore the SObject.

  • Goto the CopyStorm/Restore MetaData tab
  • Search for the custom setting table in the list of CustomObjects.
  • Restore the table.

After this step your target Salesforce will contain the custom setting but no values will be set for the setting.

Step 2: Restore the Custom Setting Data

This step restores the customer setting data using CopyStorm/Restore (just like any other table).

  • Goto the Restore Set Editor Tab
  • Select the table associated with the custom setting.
  • Make sure the “All” record selected is active.
  • Run the restore.