Advanced Restore Parameters Tab

Advanced parameters for controlling how data is written to Salesforce.

Parameter Description
 Default Max # Per Update  The maximum number of records that will be sent to Salesforce in a single batch. The default value for this parameter rarely needs to be changed.
 # Salesforce Writers  The maximum number of insert/update requests that CopyStorm/Restore will make at the same time. The default value, 1, will write up to 200 records at a time using a single request. The maximum value, 10, will write up to 2000 records at a time using 10 concurrent requests. Higher values cause CopyStorm/Restore to consume more memory but can reduce total copy time by a factor of 2-10x. Observed performance increases depend on a number of factors including active triggers and validation rules.
Allow Nulls If checked, fields with a value of null will be restored (potentially destructive).