Restore Data Defaults Tab

Default settings that globally impact data operations when uploading data or configuring CopyStorm/Restore.

Parameter Description
 Default Salesforce User  The Salesforce User to use as the record owner if the owner in the CopyStorm database is not active or does not exist in Salesforce. A value of “Default” will cause the Salesforce user running CopyStorm/Restore to be used. The pull-down menu contains all active users in the Salesforce instance.
 Default Restore Type When a table is added to the restore, default behavior will be to use this type of restore:

  • Insert
  • Update
Full Metadata Object Restore by Default If unchecked, the default procedure for restoring a complex metadata object is to support partial definition restoration rather than the entire definition.
Include Overflow Snapshot If checked, CopyStorm/Restore database queries will include records in the Default Record Overflow snapshot. This snapshot contains records that cannot be written to the primary CopyStorm database due to row size constraints.