Create CopyStorm Indexes

CopyStorm/Restore will perform parent/child record analysis much faster if the CopyStorm database foreign keys are fully indexed.

To create the necessary indexes, check the “Create Indexes” checkbox on CopyStorm’s Advanced tab and rerun CopyStorm.

What Happens if Indexes Are Not Created?

CopyStorm/Restore will still work without indexes but the analysis required to determine the order in which records must be restored will be much slower. For databases with millions of rows the performance is likely to be unbearable. This is because CopyStorm/Restore needs to do a lot of table scans by running queries like:

  • SELECT id FROM Contact WHERE accountId IN (….)

These will cause the entire Contact table to be scanned (an Order(n) operation). After creating the indexes, each lookup is an Order(1) operation (e.g. 1000s of times faster).