Common Restore Problems and Resolutions

This article discusses common reasons that may prevent records to restore using CopyStorm/Restore.


Your Salesforce instance may have triggers that need to be disabled prior to restoring records. Here are a few examples:

  • A BeforeUpdate trigger computes sales tax for a Quote. The error seen when restoring records is “TOO MANY SOQL STATEMENTS”.
  • A BeforeInsert trigger does data validation on a specific field whose validation rules have changed over time. The error seen indicates that an INSERT or UPDATE failed.

Errors caused by triggers may be complex because a failure at a high level (e.g. Opportunity) may cause subsequent failures.

Inactive Price Books and Prices

CopyStorm/Restore’s default configuration will not restore Opportunity or Quote records referencing inactive price books or prices. To include these records you must explicitly enable the behavior on the Global Parameters tab.

Data Integrity Problems

You may see an error indicating that data from the backup is not valid for a restore. These are typically caused by numeric values with too many digits or email addresses in an invalid format, represent real errors in your source Salesforce database, and should be corrected.