Advanced Metadata Selection

CopyStorm/Restore’s Advanced Metadata Selector provides a way to identify Metadata that has been modified at a particular point in time. After selecting the point in time, CopyStorm/Restore will automatically identify the metadata items that were modified during the provided window.

The following dialog will appear:

Provided Parameters:

Parameter Name Description
Start Date (Optional) Metadata changes made after this date will be added to the Restore Set.
End Date (Optional) Metadata changes made before this date will be added to the Restore Set.
Selection Strategy
  • Most Recent
    • Use the most recent change between the Start / End dates.
  • Earliest
    • Use the oldest change between the Start / End dates.
Selection Rules
  • Full Metadata Restore
    • If checked, CopyStorm/Restore will configure all newly selected metadata items to be fully restored
    • If unchecked, CopyStorm/Restore will use the currently selected default
  • Keep Existing Selections
    • If checked, CopyStorm/Restore will keep currently selected Metadata in the Restore Set.
    • If unchecked, CopyStorm/Restore remove all currently selected Metadata from the Restore Set, then repopulate the Restore Set based off of the provided parameters.