CopyStorm/Restore 10.54.2

Release Date: 22-Aug-2022

This is a  minor feature, bug fix, and Salesforce API version upgrade release. As always, existing CopyStorm/Restore configuration files are backwards compatible.

Patch Levels

22-Aug-2022 Original Release

Faster Point-In-Time Recovery

Snapshot recovery now includes an option to scan and recover from a Snapshot and the primary CopyStorm database simultaneously. The outcome is faster point-in-time recovery and decreased data storage space!

New Data Anonymization Options

CopyStorm/Restore’s data anonymization feature has been updated with support for numerical, date, and date/time fields.

Email anonymization has been updated with the option to append “.invalid” to email addresses.

Point-In-Time Metadata Selection

Metadata recovery has been updated with the ability to detect, identify, and deploy metadata that has changed within a specific time window. You provide the time window, and the application will automatically detect the changes.