Tracker Database Parameters

Parameters that determine the underlying database CopyStorm/Restore will use as its Tracker Database. This database allows CopyStorm/Restore to continue a restore if interrupted, and allows incremental restoration.

Supported Databases
 H2 (Default)


Parameter Description
 Tracker Database Name By default CopyStorm/Restore will pick a tracker name unique to the current configuration file, but it can be explicitly set using this global parameter.

Note: CopyStorm/Restore tracking databases are, by default, kept in the directory “$HOME/.capstorm/copyStormRestoreSets”.


Parameter Description
Connection String PostgreSQL connection string required to create a CopyStorm database.
Connection String Builder  Clicking on this button launches a dialog that helps create a valid connection string.
Username  Tracker database username.
Password  Tracker database password.
Schema  Schema to use. Public by default.

Additional Info