Restoring Salesforce Metadata

The following video demonstrates how to restore metadata to Salesforce with CopyStorm/Restore:

Metadata Restore Overview

Restoring metadata using CopyStorm/Restore is a simple point-and-click process — this can be used to:

  • Promote code, permissions, or other metadata changes from Sandbox environments to Production.
  • Roll-back metadata to previous versions if metadata has been incorrectly updated in Production.

All versions that have been backed up with CopyStorm are available to restore, providing an easy way to undo changes to metadata or migrate metadata between environments. CopyStorm/Restore can upload or roll back changes to dozens of metadata types, including:

  • Apex Classes, Pages, and Triggers.
  • Permission Sets, Profiles, Roles, and Groups.
  • Custom Objects, Page Layouts, and Translations.

To restore metadata to Salesforce with CopyStorm/Restore: