Resume Restore

Clicking on the Restore Tab’s “Resume Restore” button will display a dialog to configure parameters for the restore operation:

Clicking on the “Start Operation” button will cause CopyStorm/Restore to upload all Pending records from the Tracker Database into Salesforce – either resuming a previously cancelled restore job or augmenting a previous restore with all new candidates in the Tracker Database.

If any record(s) are being retried via the Tracker Database’s “Set to Pending” feature, their historical skip reason and exception information will be removed from the tracker prior to the restoration reattempt (if they fail to restore a second time, the most recent skip reason and exception will be recorded).

To limit the tables that CopyStorm/Restore will push to Salesforce, check the “Select Specific Table Rules to Include” checkbox. If this checkbox is:

  • Unchecked, all pending candidates will be restored.
  • Checked, only pending candidates from the selected tables will be restored.

Checking the “Select Specific Table Rules to Include” checkbox will display a table selector, allowing specific tables to be selected as candidates for restoration: