Fields to Restore Editor

The “Fields to Restore” editor determines which fields for each record will be restored to Salesforce.

  • By default all fields are selected.
  • If a field is not selected it will:
    • Be set to null for records inserted into Salesforce.
    • Be left unchanged for updated records.
  • Fields required for creating a new Salesforce record are marked as (required).
    • If any required fields are not checked then only update restore operations are permitted.

The editor contains filtering tools above a list of all available table fields. In the following screenshot the filter has been used to only show fields whose name contains the text “name”:

Other “Fields to Restore” options:

Parameter Description
Selected If checked, only selected fields will be displayed.
Invert When pressed, the field selection will be inverted. All selected fields will be deselected, and all non-selected fields will be selected.
Clear When pressed, all selected fields will be deselected.

Advanced Field Options

The “Advanced Field Options” button launches a dialog used to control how individual fields are restored.

The “Transformer” column indicates that a data transformation should be applied BEFORE data is written to Salesforce. In the example screenshot two columns have been assigned to tranformers. Available transformers include:

  • Email Scrambler
    • Randomizes email address fields before writing them to Salesforce.
    • For example, the email “” may become “”.
  • Scramble
    • Converts each letter or digit to a random character of the same class before writing the field to Salesforce.
    • For example,
      • “Rebecca” may become “Kiojjkl”
      • “567-45-0987” may become “778-33-0997”
      • “+44 45 345 8876” may become “+62 33 123 9567”
  • Asterisk
    • Converts a column to all **** before writing the field to Salesforce.
    • For example, “Rebecca” will become “*******”.

If the built-in Transformers do not perform the action you need, CopyStorm/Restore supports adding new Transformers. Contact if you want to learn how this is done.

Other columns on this dialog provide read-only information about each column in the corresponding table.