CopyStorm/Restore Value

CopyStorm/Restore restores all or part of a Salesforce instance using a backup created by CopyStorm.

  • CopyStorm provides peace of mind by keeping a hot backup of your production Salesforce instance in a local relational database.
  • CopyStorm/Restore turns your low-cost sandbox instances into high value developer environments using your production backup data.

CopyStorm/Restore can also be used to restore small or large parts of your production database in an emergency, but no one wants an emergency! Just as important is CopyStorm/Restore’s ability to populate inexpensive Salesforce developer sandboxes with slices of your production data:

  • CopyStorm/Restore can populate a sandbox with the type of data you need for a development project.
  • CopyStorm/Restore can restore a sandbox to a known state multiple times per day.
  • CopyStorm/Restore provides a low-cost way for Salesforce consultants to demonstrate new features using the customer’s production data WITHOUT touching the customer’s production Salesforce.

Developers and contractors are probably asking, “OK. I see how this would help me a lot. How much time do I have to invest in the tool?”.

Just a few minutes is all you need — watch this video for a demo:

Before the restoration, this Salesforce Developer instance was first depopulated using SQLForce, Capstorm’s free tool that makes Python a powerful scripting language for manipulating a Salesforce database.

A Salesforce backup is always a good idea. Using your Salesforce backup to super-charge your developer sandboxes is even better.