Populating a Developer Sandbox With Production Data

CopyStorm/Restore makes populating a Developer Sandbox with production data a painless operation. This article provides a guide for how to do this for your operation.


  • A CopyStorm backup of your production Salesforce data.
  • A Salesforce developer Sandbox.

Step 1: Determine What Type of Records Should Drive the Restore

This step will determine the type and volume of data that will be restored to the Sandbox. This step is both important and non-optional due to fairly severe size restrictions on Developer Sandboxes. It is highly unlikely that you will be able to import your entire production data set.

The choice of what types of records to restore depends on what you plan to do with the Sandbox. Records are often selected based on criteria like:

  • Choose 500 random Accounts.
  • Choose 100 Contacts that have open Cases.
  • Choose the top 100 Opportunities in the current quarter.
  • Choose all Accounts from the list of Ids in the file ABC.txt.
  • Choose all Contacts from a list of Ids pasted into CopyStorm/Restore.
  • Choose 100 Accounts that have at least one record in my custom object.
  • Choose 250 random My_Custom_Object__c records.

To learn more about selecting records see the reference manual selection on Record Selectors.

Step 2: Watch This Video Tutorial

In this video we will select 100 random Accounts along with any related Contacts and Opportunities. The data will be restored to an empty Salesforce Developer Sandbox.