CopyStorm/Restore 10.52.2

Release Date: 07-Jun-2021

This is a major feature, bug fix, and Salesforce API version upgrade release. As always, existing CopyStorm/Restore configuration files are backwards compatible.

Patch Levels

07-Jun-2021 Original Release
12-Jul-2021 Fix CSV Exporting Issue

Upgrade to the Summer ’21 Salesforce API

CopyStorm/Restore has been upgraded to support Salesforce’s Summer ’21 API

Point-In-Time Recovery

Add the ability to perform Point-In-Time data recovery operations using CopyStorm Archives.

  • If enabled, Point-In-Time recovery with CopyStorm/Restore provides an accessible way to revert hierarchies of records to the way they were in the past. It takes just a few button clicks to perform operations like “Make this Account and all of its children look the way they did last week”.

Compliance-Aware Data Restores

Add the ability to perform data restores that are aware of your organization’s compliance and data protection rules, as configured in CapStorm’s CS:Govern.

  • Compliance data can only be viewed by users that have permission to view the applicable compliance categories – other compliance data is obfuscated.
  • Compliance protection rules are enforced within the database using CapStorm’s CS:Govern.

Add automatic SFDX Scratch Org creation

When using CopyStorm/Restore’s SFDX authentication feature, CopyStorm/Restore can now automatically create scratch orgs.

Add Masking for Date fields

CopyStorm/Restore can now obfuscate values for Date fields using the Fields to Restore Editor.