Set Records to Pending

The Set to Pending tool resets the Track Database back to a “Pending” state, causing CopyStorm/Restore to attempt to restore the records again. This is useful in a number of cases:

  • A validation caused records to be skipped during a previous restore. The validation rule was then disabled and the records should now be restored.
  • Records were previously restored but the data in the CopyStorm backup has changed. Previously restore Salesforce data should be overwritten.
  • Records in Salesforce were deleted by hand and should be re-restored without losing the tracker history.

The following screenshot shows available options on the Set to Pending dialog:

There are a few decisions to make when using this dialog:

  1. Choose which records to reset to pending.
  2. Choose which record statuses can be affected.

Default parameters will change all visible skipped records to a pending state.

  • Records to Reset to Pending
    • “Visible”: Only change the status for records that are currently displayed in the Tracker Database table, taking filters into account.
    • “Table”: Change the status for all records in the currently selected table, do not take filters into account.
    • “Select Tables”: Change the status of one or more tables in the tracker.
  • Record Status to Reset
    • Only change the status of records with the selected status or statuses.
  • Other Options
    • Limit changes to records updated in the CopyStorm database since the most recent restore.
      • Change the status only for records with a modification timestamp newer than the timestamp the record had when it was restored.
    • Only records that have been deleted from the target Salesforce.
      • Change the status only for records that were previously restored but are now missing from Salesforce.
    • Clear the Restored Id field for each record.
      • In addition to changing the record status, remove the “Restored Id”.