CopyStorm/Restore 9.50.1

Release Date: 16-Dec-2020

This is a  minor feature, bug fix, and Salesforce API version upgrade release. As always, existing CopyStorm/Restore configuration files are backwards compatible.

Patch Levels

16-Dec-2020 Original Release

Upgrade to Salesforce Winter ’21 API

CopyStorm/Restore has been upgraded to support Salesforce’s Winter ’21 API.

Original Id Restoration

CopyStorm/Restore’s Migration tab has been upgraded with a new feature to maintain original record Ids when restoring. When enabled, this feature will:

  1. Create a new column on tables being restored.
  2. Copy the original record’s Id value to the new column when restoring data.
  3. Click here for details.

Disable Lookup Filters

The Advanced Tab now supports automatically disabling Lookup Filters.

When this feature is enabled, individual Lookup Filters can be chosen, or CopyStorm/Restore can automatically disable Lookup Filters when restoring data.

Reference-Only Restores

The Restore tab now supports a new type of restoration – Reference Only.

A Reference Only restore will go through all records that have previously been restored and patch their reference field values with the current Id mappings in the tracker. This allows you to quickly update previously restored records when multiple data restores have occurred out of order.

Tracker Tab Column Filtering

The Tracker Database tab now supports showing and hiding columns.