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CopyStorm/Restore Main Tab

The main CopyStorm/Restore tab is used to manage credentials for Salesforce and the source CopyStorm database.

Salesforce Connection Parameters

Parameter Description
Instance Type Type of Salesforce instance being copied.

  • Production
  • Sandbox
 Username  A Salesforce user. This user must have API privileges. All data visible to this user will be copied to the CapStorm database.
 Password  The password for the Saelsforce user.
 Security Token  Optional security token supplied by Salesforce.
 Alternate Host  If your connection to Salesforce does not use one of the standard endpoint ( or then you must specify your endpoint as an alternate host. Example:


Database Connection Parameters

Parameter Description
Connection String JDBC connection string required to use a CopyStorm database.
Connection String Builder  Clicking on this button launches a dialog that helps create a valid connection string.
Username  CopyStorm database username.
Password  CopyStorm database password.
Schema  Default schema to use. Note that this parameter is not supported by all databases.


After entering parameters for a connection, a “Test Connection” button will become enabled and can be used to validate the credentials.


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