CopyStorm/Restore 9.47.1

Release Date: 12-Dec-2019

This is a  feature, bug fix, and Salesforce API version upgrade release. As always, existing CopyStorm/Restore configuration files are backwards compatible.

Patch Levels

12-Dec-19 Original Release
02-Jan-20 Exclude event stream tables because of an error in the Winter’20 WSDL.

Upgrade to Winter’20 Salesforce API

The Winter’20 API update (also known as 47.0) should be a non-event for CopyStorm/Restore.   This update was made because we like to stay current.

Support In-line Image Restore for all RichText Fields

Now that CopyStorm backs up images stored in Salesforce’s image storage subsystem, CopyStorm/Restore will also restore them. This is often very important for a migration of Salesforce to a new instance.

Add Support for 2GB ContentVersion Records

CopyStorm/Restore now used the REST API for all base64 type columns. Unlike SOAP’s 50MB limitation, the REST API can manager up to 2GB in a single record.

Reoccurring Events are Restored Properly

This feature complements the existing support for reoccurring Tasks

Add Launch Scripts for the H2 Console

New launch scripts in the main CopyStorm/Restore directory have been added for launching an H2 Console. An H2 Console is used for direct access to  CopyStorm/Restore tracker database.

Add Support for New Metadata Types

More metadata types can now be restored including: Flexipage (a lightning page) & RemoteSiteSetting.

Add Automatic Validation of Migration Mapping Rules

When migration rules are saved CopyStorm/Restore will automatically validate each entry to make sure that each point to an existing record. Any missing records are reported.

Add A Feature to Control Record Explosions on Related Lists

When selecting all child, grandchild, etc. related lists for a table, there is now an option to globally limited the maximum number of records selected and the maximum number per parent.