CopyStorm/Restore 5.34.4

September 24, 2015

This release is a regularly scheduled bug fix release.

Restore All Polymorphic Tables After Other Tables

Each generated restore plan now restores Attachments, Notes, Tasks, and Events after other tables. These are the “polymorphic  tables” (e.g. their parent object can be of many different types). This was done to fix an obscure bug that could cause a polymorphic object to be skipped during a restore.

Fix a NPE Bug Related to Inconsistent Field Definitions in CopyStorm

If two tables in a CopyStorm database were on different back up schedules and the reference field relationships betwen the tables changed in Salesforce but only one of the tables in CopyStorm had been updated, then a NPE (null pointer exception) could occur. The full details are worse than the description in the previous sentence. Let us suffice to say that the condition is fairly rare and is fixed.

Fix a NPE Bug Related to Mising Reference Fields in CopyStorm

If a CopyStorm database contained just the Account table and the Account table was opened in the Restore Set Editor, the applicaton would display a message in the DOS window and the visual editor for the Account table would be incomplete. The fundamental problem was in the case where a table has a reference field that referenced a table not defined in the CopyStorm database. This problem has been fixed by recognizing the condition and removed the relationship from those possible to restore.