CopyStorm/Restore 5.31.5

June 6, 2015

This release contains feature enhancements and bug fixes.

Upgrade all JDBC Drivers to Current Versions

Every year CAPSTORM updates Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL/Server, MySQL, etc. drivers to the current versions supported by the respective vendors. We expect no impact (except slightly better Oracle performance) to customers.

Recognize ArchivedId Column

Columns named ArchivedById reference the Salesforce User table but the Salesforce meta data does not record the relationship. CopyStorm/Restore now knows about this exception and works around the problem. This change allows Knowledge tables to be restored.

Fix a Bug When a Reference Field is Linked to a Non-existent Table

If a CopyStorm table backup was created from one Salesforce instance AND restored to another Salesforce instance AND

  • The original Salesforce instance contained tableA which references tableB
  • The target Salesforce does not contains tableB

the Restore Set Editor will not display all editing options for tableA. Internally a error was being logged but the information was insufficient for a user to notice.

In this release the non-existent reference field (and table) are simply ignored by CopyStorm/Restore since they cannot be restored to the target Salesforce.