CopyStorm/Restore 5.31.3

April 9,2015

This release contains a small feature enhancement and bug fixes.

Detect When a Table is Defined in the Restore Set but NOT in the Target Salesforce.

If previous CopyStorm/Restore versions a table that exists in a CopyStorm backup but does not exist in the Salesforce instance to restore would generated a “sObject type ‘abc’ is not supported” error from the Salesforce API. The work-around, to remove to table from the restore set, is no longer required in this version of CopyStorm/Restore.

Support Restoring Documents and Email Templates

In previous releases, CopyStorm/Restore would not restore Doucments or Email Templates if they had to be inserted. This is because the Salesforce API meta data does not indicate that FolderId columns referenced the Folder table. This version of CopyStorm/Restore patches around this issued with the Salesforce meta data.

The reason the Salesforce API meta data is incomplete is because in several cases a FolderId column can be a folder or a user id. It is a user id when the corresponding document or email template is private to a user (e.g. My Documents).