CopyStorm/Restore 5.31.2

March 27, 2015

This release contains a significant improvement in support of incremental restores, a couple of minor new features,  and  bug fixes.

Support Incremental Restores of Related Lists Across Multiple CopyStorm/Restore Sessions

Basically, this update supports adding new related lists to a previous restore and then restoring just the newly added lists. In previously releases related lists added to tables that had already been restored would be ignored.

The procedure for using this function is simple:

  • Do an initial restore.
  • Add (or remove) one or more related lists (in addition to new top level tables).
  • On the restore table, click on the “Re-scan Candidates” button. This fill find all new records that could be restored.
  • Click on the “Resume Restore” button.

Fix a Problem with the Restore of the Table QueueSObject

In previous releases, QueueSObject would not restore because the meta data returned by Salesforce for the SObject “Group” is missing a reference table value for the field RelatedId. CopyStorm/Restore now knows about this Salesforce bug and patches around it when it occurs.

Expose the Ability to Override the Login Host Used to Make Salesforce Connections

Though it has always been possible to login to Salesforce with an endpoint other than or the procedure for doing so with CopyStorm/Restore  was buried in the documentation. This update exposes an text box with the core Salesforce credentials for overriding the login endpoint. There is no effect on existing configuration files.

Add the Option of Connecting to Salesforce Using the Apache HttpClient

We discovered that when a site is using a https based proxy to communicate with Salesforce AND the proxy uses a wildcard certificate then the code Salesforce WSC library will fail to make a connection to Salesforce. This update adds an advanced Salesforce connection parameter that allows a different client library (the Apache HttpClient) to communicate with Salesforce rather than the WSC default. The Apache HttpClient library works properly with wild card certificates but is slightly slower (in some instances) than the code built into the WSC library.   Any site can use the new Apache HttpClient approach but Capstorm does not reommend it unless at site is having connection issues.