CopyStorm/Restore 5.31.1

February 28, 2015

This release contains a significant new filtering feature for selection of referenced records and includes a few bug fixes.

Referenced Record Selector Feature

In previous releases of CopyStorm/Restore, when related records were select ALL related records would be restored. This means if an Account was selected, related Cases were selected, and an Account had 250,000 cases  then all 250,00 cases would be restored. This behaviour is often less than ideal when creating test data in a sandbox.

Starting with this release, it is possible to select “some” but not “all” related records. For example, rather than selecting all Cases associated with an Account, it is now possible select of just 5 or so representative cases. In addition, fairly complex filtering of referenced records is also supported.

See this learn article for the details.

List of Selected Ids Is Saved in the Configuration file

If a list of Ids is entered for a record selector, CopyStorm/Restore will now faithfully save and restore this data in a configuration file. Previous releases “forgot” about the data on a save.

Improve the Layout of the GUI Progress Table

The GUI progress table has a couple of new features that make it easier to read.

  • Make the default width of the table column wider than other columns.
  • Display numbers in a format appropriate for the user’s locale. Example: In the USA, instead of 1234 the system will display 1,234.

Fix a Bug When Restoring Dates

In previous releases, if a Date field (not a DateTime or Timestamp) was restored in a timezone where the current GMT date was not the same as the local date, then the date restored would be off by a single day. The root problem was than CopyStorm/Restore was interpreting a Date as a GMT DateTime value (when it should have been interpreted as a local time value).