CopyStorm/Restore 7.40.3

Release Date: 12-Jan-2018

This is a minor feature and bug fix release, compatible with past releases.

Patch Levels

12-Jan-2018  Original Release
18-Jan-2018  Add performance optimization to the Record Mapping caching subsystem. Fixed performance issue when restoring from a partial backup.
23-Jan-2018  Add guard code to Lead restore for Leads created and converted on the same date.
01-Feb-2018  Improve table restore ordering logic for circular cases. Bugs fixes for Content.
05-Feb-2018  Fix lookup bug when trying to restore a external id reference field.
14-Feb-2018 ContentDocument Support; Detect  re-used of the tracker database; Deep insights into Restore Plan.
16-Feb-2018 Fix a new case where an IN list longer than 1000 items could be sent to Oracle. Happens with non-default settings.

Restore Activated Contracts and Orders

Add support for restoring activated Contracts and Orders (they must be restored and then activated).

Honor User Mapping Rules for CreatedById and LastModifiedById

Previous releases were not honoring mapping rules for CreatedById and LastModifiedById.

Support Java 9’s High DPI Feature

Newly release Java 9 detects high DPI displays and automatically scales visual components by default. Previous Java versions did not recognized high DPI displays and CopyStorm/Restore was scaling components internally.

On Restore Ignore all Columns Not Both In Salesforce and CopyStorm

If a column was in a .copyStormRestore configuration file but not in the target Salesforce there was a condition where CopyStorm/Restore would try and restore it.

Fix a Bug with the Email Scrambler for Single Character Domains.

Previous releases would not scramble and email like into a valid email address.

Remove Circular Dependencies from the Table Restore Order Graph Tracking

This upgrade improves the performance of a restore by better choices of “what table to go first” when a circular dependency is involved.