CopyStorm/Restore 7.40.2

Release Date: 11-Oct-2017

This is feature and bug fix release, compatible with past releases.

Patch Levels

11-Oct-2017 Original Release
19-Oct-2017 Update configuration files to exclude system tables that cannot be restored.
11-Nov-2017 User map rules were being ignored for CreatedById and LastModifiedById updates.
14-Nov-2017 Restore Activated Contracts and Orders.
15-Dec-2017 Support Java 9 and high DPI detection.

Restore Managed Package Meta Data Components

Previous releases excluded managed package components. This release adds support.

Allow Reference Fields to be Excluded from a Restore

Each Reference Field now includes a check box that can be used to exclude it form a restore. This means that any single column or combination of columns can be restored.

Restore External Lookup Fields

Previous releases would not restore external lookup fields and would throw an exception.

Clean Up Undefined Triggers in a Configuration File

If a configuration file lists triggers that are not defined in the target Salesforce CopyStorm/Restore will offer to remove them from the configuration file.