CopyStorm/Restore 9.46.2

Release Date: 28-Oct-2019

This is a feature, bug fix, and Salesforce API version upgrade release. As always, existing CopyStorm/Restore configuration files are backwards compatible.

Patch Levels

28-Oct-19 Original Release. This release is primarily about performance improvements at many levels of the product.

Improve Tracker Database Performance

This version upgrades tracker database to a new format which significantly improves the performance of the CopyStorm /Restore GUI. Existing tracker databases will automatically be upgraded the first time they are used with this version.

Improve Related List Selection Performance

A new related list selected was added in the previous release. The release significantly boosts performance of the related list gadget when selecting (or deselected) related lists in mass.

Add Table Selection Options to Scan and Resume Restore Dialogues

Updated candidate scan scan and resume restore dialogs support optionally limiting a scan or restore to a specific set of tables. This feature can reduce the amount of rescan and restore time significantly in a Salesforce migration project.

Enhance Restore for Email Messages

The EmailMessage.ValidatedFromAddress has some unusual restrictions which are now understood by CopyStorm/Restore. See Salesforce’s documentation for the details.

A Number of Customer Reported Bugs. A Few of them are:

  • The API version # in a generated Metadata deploy directory was not set to the current API version used by CopyStorm/Restore.
  • The Metadata ANT creation dialog remembers the last used directory.
  • The Tracker Database supports setting specific records to a Skipped state.
  • Certain tracker database exceptions were not being displayed to a user.
  • Expose a -developer command line option which makes features in progress visible in the GUI.
  • The filter on a reference field was being forgotten when changing tables.
  • Refactor the hover help for all Tracker Database buttons.
  • Fix several issues with the related list selector on certain versions of the Mac/OS.
  • Enhance the related list Select All dialog to support specifying MaxPerParent and MaxTotal parameters for selected related lists.