CopyStorm/Restore 8.44.1

Release Date: 08-Feb-2018

This is a  feature, bug fix, and Salesforce API version upgrade release. As always, existing CopyStorm/Restore configuration files are backwards compatible.

Patch Levels

08-Feb-18 Original Release
25-Feb-18 Fix problems related to migrating ContentDocumentLink records to an unrelated Salesforce environment.

Upgrade Salesforce API to Winter’19

The API upgrade is in preparation for our next major release which take advantage of a new CopyStorm feature — record archival that includes an infinite depth recycle bin.

Automatic Management of Validation Rules and Workflow Rules

A new feature supports automatic disablement/re-enablement of validation rules and workflow rules for all tables in a restore set. The associated rule is disabled just before records are written to a table and automatically re-enabled when the table has been processed (or the operation is cancelled). This feature will greatly reduce to effort of figuring out what validation rules are applicable for a restore.

Automatic Management of Restricted Picklists

A new feature supports specific and automatic disablement/re-enablement of Restricted Picklists during a restore. When the automatic feature is enabled, restricted picklists on a table are automatically made non-restrictive just before records are restored and reverted back to restricted after a restore.

Management of Triggers, Validation Rules, Flows, Workflow Rules, and Restricted Picklists

This section of the Global Parameter tab has been refactored and now includes help for each item type and two new types of elements that can be disabled — Workflow Rules and Restricted Picklists.

Boost Performance of the Global Parameters Tab

In previous versions the initialization cost of the Global  Parameters tab was effected by the number of users in the target Salesforce. In this version the number of users has no effect on performance unless the default user needs to be changed (rare).

Boost Performances of the Metadata Tab

A customer who had almost 100,000 metadata objects caused us to refactor how CopyStorm/Restore implements the meta data selector object. The new implementation’s performance is nearly independent of the number metadata objects.

Reference Field Behavior for Polymorphic Fields Can Be Specified

Polymorphic fields (like Case.SourceId or Attachment.ParentId) now appear in the reference fields editor and how they are handled when missing can be specified.

Flow API Changes Recognized

Between API Spring’18 and Winter’19 Salesforce changed the semantics of Flow metadata definitions. This version recognizes and will manage both the old and new semantics.