CopyStorm/Restore 7.37.7

Release Date: 28-Jun-17

This is minor feature and bug fix release.

Increase the Parallelism of Table Restores

Increase the supported parallelism for restoring a single table by allowing more #Salesforce Threads. When using  10 Salesforce threads and a “Max # Per Update” of 500 we are seeing sustained restore rates of 50,000 per minute for standard objects and 10,000 per minute for customer objects.

Increase the Insert Speed for Known Insert Only Restores

When restoring to a sandbox a user often knows that all operations will be record inserts. A new table level option, “Skip Salesforce Id Check”, tells CopyStorm/Restore that all inserts are expected and will eliminate the check that determines if a record should be inserted or updated.

Fix a Bug with Email Scrambling

Mutliple writer threads could create invalid scrambled email addresses because of a non-thread local static random number generator.

Add Meta Data Support for Salesforce Folder Types

The meta-data subsystem can now restore the following new types:

  • ReportFolder
  • DocumentFolder
  • DashboardFolder
  • EmailFolder

Folders can be support with sharing rules or without the rules. The “without the rules” case is useful when migrating a folder to a new Salesforce instance.

Extend the Migration Component’s Record Mapping System

Two new methods have been added for controlling how individual records are mapped from CopyStorm to a target Salesforce. Note that record mappings managed by the Migration Component are usually for tables that are not part of the restore set.

  • A user supplied Java function can be injected to control how records are mapped.
  • A simply XML file can be used to inject any mapping that uses one or more columns.

Capstorm Organization Id Mapped to Target Salesforce Organization Id

When the source CopyStorm’s Salesforce Organization Id can be determined, any occurrence of this value will automatically be mapped to the Organization Id of the target Salesforce instance. Note that the CopyStorm Organization Id can be determined if the backup include the table Organization.

Intelligently Restore Pricebooks in a Migration

Migrating a Pricebook, all of its prices, and associated products to a new Salesforce instance is easy with this release. It was made easy by several changes:

  • If a pricebook entry is part of the Standard Pricebook in the CopyStorm database then it will also be added to the Standard Pricebook in the target Salesforce.
  • CopyStorm will restore all Standard Pricebook entries before non-standard pricebook entries. Salesforce requires this ordering when adding new pricebook entries.

Add a Button to Select All Active Triggers

A new button, “All Active”, can be use to select all active triggers. This is less tedious than selecting individual triggers when all active triggers should be disabled.

Add a Button to Select All Active Validation Rules

A new button, “All Active”, can be use to select all active validation rules. This is less tedious than selecting individual triggers when all active triggers should be disabled.

Give Specific Instructions when the Tracker Database Initialization Fails

When Tracker Database initialization fails display a context specific dialog rather than the generic traceback exception dialog. The context specific dialog contains information that should help a user understand and solve the problem.