CopyStorm/Restore 7.37.5

Release Date: 03-Dec-2016

This is minor feature and bug fix release.

Massively Improve the Initialization Speed of the Restore Tab

A variety of SQL optimizations to the Tracker Database has decreased the amount of time it takes for the “Restore” tab to initialize. In addition, a progress dialog describing actions being taken during intialization is displayed.

Support Updates When Timestamps Match

Add a new global option, Ignore Timestamps, that will force a record to be written to Salesforce even when the timestamp in Salesforce and the CopyStorm database match.

Improve Table Restore Rule Deletion Logic

This release more completely patches a restore set when a table is removed from the set by updating corresponding reference in related lists and in reference field rules.

Fix a Null Pointer Exception When a Table is Both A Top Level and a Referenced Table

If a table was selected as a top level table and also indirectly as a reference table a null pointer exception could occur. The bug was in the tracker databse table descriptor caching code.

When a Table is Manually Checked on the Editor, Load the Table into the Editor

In previous releases, the only way to load a table editor was to click on its name. In this release, a table is also loaded when a user checks the box next to its name.

Fix a Bug When a Skipped Record Reason Exceeds 255 Characters

In previous releases an exception would be thrown if the reason a record was skipped (returned by Salesforce) was more than 255 characters in length.

Fix a NPE Bug When Insert Is Not Allowed

When the Insert operation is disabled on a table is was possible for the default code that sorts records into insert/update/skipped piles to throw a null pointer exception.,

Support 15 Character Salesforce Ids

CopyStorm databases always store full 18 character Salesforce ids. In this release, 15 character Salesforce ids can be used in list of Ids, files of Id, and in the record mapping rule feature. CopyStorm/Restore will automatically convert 15 characters ids to their 18 character equivalent.

Fix a Bug that Prevents Mapping Rules Based on Salesforce Ids from Loading

In the previous CopyStorm/Restore a bug in the mapping contruction code caused an exception to be thrown when Id based mapping rules were used.

Provide Visual Feedback During Related List Selection

In previous releases CopyStorm/Restore would become unresponsive if a large number of related lists were selected in a single operation. The application was unreponsive because it was doing deep dependency analysis. Though CopyStorm/Restore would return after the analysis there was no visual feedback to the user while the analysis was happening. This release adds visual feedback.

Support both CSV and TAB Delimited Migration Mapping Files

This release supports CSV and TAB file and lets a user indicated whether the file to import has a header row.

Record a Skipped Record Reason when Restore Set Tables are Missing

If a table is part of the restore set and it does not exists in either Salesforce or the CopyStorm backup AND there are pending records to be restored, the CopyStorm/Restore now marks the records as skipped and records the reason. This condition is rare but happens when a configuration file is setup partially on a Salesforce/CopyStorm combination and then used for a different combination where the schemas have different tables.

Display Inactive Triggers In Light Grey

On the Enable/Disable Trigger tool, triggers that are currently inactive in Salesforce are displayed in light gray.

Record the Table Name Currently Being Process on Exceptions

Though the table name is often already in an exception message, this feature adds the table name as an explicit column in the exception table.

Add Support for Exporting All Tracker Database Tables

The Tracker Database export function has a new feature for exporting all database tables at once and for selecting both TAB and CSV formats.