CopyStorm/Director 2.1.1

Release Date: 25-Mar-2016

This is  feature and bug fix release.

Allow Salesforce and Database Credentials to Default to Configuration File Values

On a task’s credentials page, a new option named “Default” allows the connection credentials to default entirely to the values in the corresponding configuration file. When this option is selected the fields which normally allow the entry of credentials are disabled and a message indicating that the credentials will be read from the configuration file is displayed.

Support Multiple Connection Profiles in the Initial CopyStorm/Director Login Screen

This change makes it easy to switch between production and test environment CopyStorm/Director credentials. The previous version only remembered the most recent credentials. By using profiles, any number of credentials will be remembered by CopyStorm/Director.

Launch CopyStorm/Medic from CopyStorm/Director

The CopyStorm/Medic GUI can now be launched directly from the CopyStorm/Director GUI with a simple button click. Note that, for security,  the Salesforce and database credentials are passed to CopyStorm/Medic fully encrypted (e.g. they cannot be viewed as part of the command line). Use of this feature requires CopyStorm/Medic version 7.34.7 or above.