Quick Start Backup

The Quick Start Backup page allows fast and easy configuration of best-practice Salesforce replication.

Before configuring the Quick Start Backup, please be sure to address the following prerequisites:

  1. Configure Salesforce Credentials in the Salesforce Credentials section.
  2. Configure Database Credentials in the Database Credentials section of the navigation menu
    1. If a database is not readily available, you may create one in the Database Management section

Quick Start Backup Configuration

Step 1: Provide Configuration Parameters

Parameter Required Description
Salesforce Credentials Yes Use these credentials to login to Salesforce. To register new credentials, or update existing credentials, select Salesforce Credentials in the navigation menu.
Instance Type Yes The type of Salesforce instance. If your Salesforce instance does not support logins to the standard login.salesforce.com or test.salesforce.com endpoint, then select Custom and provide the login endpoint.
Database Yes Select a CapStorm-managed database. To create a CapStorm-managed database, select Database Management in the navigation menu. If you would like to register a pre-existing database, select Custom and provide the database connection information.
Backup Schedule Yes
  • High Frequency:
    • Backup data once an hour, backup files and metadata once a day.
    • Provides improved data fidelity, but uses more Salesforce API calls.
  • Low Frequency:
    • Backup data once a day, backup files and metadata weekly.
    • Minimizes Salesforce API call consumption.
Retention Period Yes Days of Safety – how long should record changes be kept?

  • Retain deleted records in the primary CopyStorm data tables for this many days.
  • Retain Point-In-Time record change history for this many days.
  • Metadata change history is always retained for 10 years (3650 days).
Notify on Error No If a CopyStorm job encounters an error, use the Salesforce user to send an email notification to these recipients. To send an email notification to multiple recipients, separate their emails with a semicolon “;” character.
Overwrite Custom Config No If the CopyStorm configuration files for this Quick Start Backup have been manually modified, this checkbox will reset them to the defaults.

Step 2: Click Save Changes

After clicking Save Changes, the following will be created in the CapStorm Applications:

  1. CopyStorm: Two CopyStorm Configuration Files will be created
    1. Quick Start Data
      • Copies most Salesforce Standard objects, excluding certain File objects such as ContentVersion & Attachment.
    2. Quick Start Files and Metadata
      • Copies File objects (ContentVersion, Attachment) & Salesforce Metadata
    3. For more information on CopyStorm Configuration Files, please refer to the linked documentation.
  2. CopyStorm/Director: A CopyStorm/Director Job called Best Practice Disaster Recovery. This job executes the previously mentioned configuration files on a recurring schedule.
    1. The rate of scheduling depends on your choice of High Frequency or Low Frequency from Step 1.
    2. The below image depicts the Best Practice Disaster Recovery CopyStorm/Director Job:

    • By Clicking on the “Best Practice Disaster Recovery” Job Name, you’ll see the following tasks configured within the job:

For additional information on CopyStorm/Director jobs & scheduling, please refer to the linked documentation.