Salesforce Credentials

The Salesforce Credentials page allows fast and easy registration of Salesforce Credential(s) associated with the Org(s) to be backed up.

Note that the logged in user must be, at minimum, an Admin CapStorm Role to update credentials. See User Security for more details on CapStorm Roles.

Adding New Credentials

To register new Salesforce Credentials, click the Add New Credentials button. You will be presented with the following dialog to provide credential information:

Edit Existing Credentials

To edit existing Salesforce Credentials, click the Edit icon in the “Click To Edit” column of the desired credential to edit. You’ll be presented with a dialog to update credential information:

Supported Credential Types

Credential Type Description
Username & Password Traditional Salesforce Username & Password authentication. Provide inputs for Username, Password, & Security token. Note that a security token may also be required depending on your Salesforce’s security configuration. Passwords are always encrypted.