CopyStorm Data Viewer

The View CopyStorm Data tab serves as a dedicated interface for visualizing and validating your Salesforce data within your CopyStorm backups.

Step 1: Choose a Database to view

Click on the “Database” dropdown. This will display a list of all CapStorm-managed Database used for Salesforce Backups

This will open a drop down of all available CopyStorm Databases.

Then, optionally provide a Snapshot to view from. The default is the primary CopyStorm Database.

Step 2: Choose an Object to view

Upon selecting your database, proceed by choosing an object to view from the Object dropdown menu, which encompasses all available Salesforce objects in the database:

Step 3: Select the fields you want to display

Pick one or more fields to be displayed in the results:

Or you can click “Show All” checkbox to display all fields:

The following four fields are always displayed by default:

  • Id
    • The Salesforce ID of the record
  • CreatedById
    • The Salesforce ID associated with user who created the record
  • LastModifiedById
    • The Salesforce ID associated with user who last modified the record
  • SystemModStamp
    • A timestamp indicating the most recent modification of the record.

Step 3: Apply Filters

Select one or more fields for filtering:

Field filters support the following comparators:

  • contains
  • equals
  • not equals
  • greater than
  • greater than or equal to
  • less than
  • less than or equal to

Step 4: Click Run Query

To pull results from your CopyStorm Database, click the Run icon in the top-right:

Once your data is retrieved, the results will be displayed in the data grid:

Step 5: Export Results

The CopyStorm Data Viewer provides the ability to export your results to CSV format. This can be achieved by clicking the Export button in the top right.

This process will download a CSV file:

The name of the CSV file takes the following form:


Use Case: Open a Single Row of Data

To view a single record, you can click directly on any Salesforce ID field that is highlighted.

An example is shown below:

Clicking Directly on the Salesforce ID will open a new tab in the CapStorm/Container Web UI displaying the single record. An example of a Single Row View is shown in the image below:

Use Case: Open a record in Salesforce

To open a single record in Salesforce, you can click directly on the “Open In Salesforce” icon directly to the right of the Salesforce ID

An example is shown below:

Clicking Directly on the “Open in Salesforce” icon will open the record in Salesforce in a new tab.

Note: This icon will be displayed even if the record has been deleted in Salesforce

Data Viewer Settings

Navigate to the Data Viewer Settings by clicking Settings in the top-right

Settings Options

Setting Description
Clear Metadata Cache The CopyStorm Data Viewer stores CopyStorm database schema information locally
in your browser to improve performance. If fields or objects that are present in your database
are not available in the data viewer UI, you can press this button to clear the local browser
cache. After pressing this button, the CopyStorm Data Viewer will update with the latest
object and field information from the database.