Welcome to the CopyStorm/View Learning Center.

In this area you will find articles explaining how to quickly create a database combining one or more tables from multiple CopyStorm backups.


CopyStorm/View builds SQL which combines tables from multiple CopyStorm backups into a new database built from database views.

For example:

  • Suppose an organization has three divisions: Americas, Europe, and South America. Each division has its own Salesforce instance, using CopyStorm for backups.
  • The CEO is asking for daily reports on opportunity generation and wants to see it across all divisions.

CopyStorm/View helps solve this problem by creating a single database including data from all three divisions by creating views for selected tables that look like:

CREATE VIEW Opportunity( CopStormDatabase, Id, Name, …) AS
SELECT ‘Americas’, Id, Name, … FROM AmericasBackup
UNION ALL SELECT ‘Europe’, Id, Name, … FROM EuropeAmericasBackup
UNION ALL SELECT ‘SouthAmerica’, Id, Name, … FROM SouthAmericaAmericasBackup

This makes finding the answer for the CEO as simple as:

SELECT CopyStormDatabase AS Division, Name, Amount WHERE CreatedDate >= TODAY