Search & Replace Parameters

The Parameters stage is used to specify criteria used to search the CopyStorm database:

Selecting the “Show Advanced Options” checkbox will cause infrequently modified search parameters to appear. For more information, see the Advanced Parameters page.

Matching Options

Option Description
Match Whole Words If selected, search terms will only match whole words. For example, the search term “house” will:

  • Match “house” but not “household” if this option is selected.
  • Match both “house” and “household” if this option is not selected.
Included Deleted Records If selected, records marked as deleted will be included in search results. If not selected, deleted records will not be included.
Enable Wildcards If selected, the asterisk character (*) in search terms will be treated as a wildcard. Wildcards match zero or more of any character, for example the pattern “hous*old” will:

  • Match “The house is old” (the field contains several characters, followed by “hous”, followed by several characters, followed by “old”).
  • Match “household” (the field contains “hous”, followed by several characters, followed by “old”)
  • Not match “house” (the field does not contain “old”)